The Adventure Begins

After working on this since May, we're finally scheduled to dig on January 8th. The bricks have been removed from the back of the kitchen bump-out and saved to integrate into the new brickwork that will be added to the addition. Straw and plastic tarps were spread over the dig area to prevent frost from slowing down the process.

01/07/02 - Day Zero

01/08/02 - Day 1

The excavation is complete and the forms for the footings are in place.

01/09/02 - Day 2

The footings are poured and the forms removed. Reward Wall System forms for the basement walls delivered.

01/10/02 - Day 3

They're building our addition with giant Legos!

01/11/02 - Day 4

Drain tile hose brought in.

01/12/02 - Day 5

Top layer of foam forms in place. Forms shored up and ready for Monday's concrete pour

01/13/02 - Day 6

Whoops! East side cave-in put's Monday's pour in jeopardy!

01/14/02 - Day 7

Damage repaired more quickly than expected.

Rescheduled concrete re-rescheduled . . .

. . . and poured!

01/15/02 - Day 8

The bracing around the foundation is removed.

Ready for framing.

01/16/02 - Day 9

Original house foundation underpinned to better tie in with new foundation.

Ledge for brick detail across back of addition.

01/18/02 - Day 11
No work today, but the producer, crew and host of Twin Cities Public Television's Right On the Money made their third and final visit to wrap things up for the episode that features Donna, Kristo, Hannah, Dallas and even Bob!

The episode featuring Donna, Hannah,
Kristo, Dallas and Bob aired in the
Twin Cities area on March 30th and
April 2nd.
(Right on the Money logo used with permission.)

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